Tragic loss at zoo Miami: young giraffe succumbs to neck injury

Terrible accident in a zoo enclosure in Miami, Florida, where a few-month-old giraffe died by breaking its neck. According to the guardians of the facility, something must have frightened the puppy causing the fatal injury

A young giraffe, barely over three months old, has tragically passed away after suffering a neck injury, an event nearly unsurvivable for its kind. The giraffe was discovered deceased within its enclosure at Zoo Miami, Florida, a loss that has profoundly impacted the zoo community. Despite its tender age, it appears the giraffe may not have even been named.

Early on Saturday morning, March 16, zookeepers found the giraffe’s body and promptly transported it to the Zoo Animal Health Facility for an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death.

The examination confirmed the giraffe died from a broken neck, as stated by the zoo administration, which has been attempting to piece together the circumstances leading to this unfortunate event.

The incident occurred overnight when no one was present to witness or intervene in time. It is speculated that the giraffe was startled and forcefully collided with the enclosure’s barriers, resulting in the fatal injury. Fear or stress is believed to be a contributing factor.

No other giraffes in the group exhibited signs of trauma and have since resumed their normal routines without further incidents. The zoo staff is diligently monitoring the herd for any signs of stress or unusual behavior while searching for clues and information about what might have led to this tragic incident, as mentioned in a press release by the zoo.

Zoo Miami described the incident as “a devastating loss,” emphasizing that all measures to prevent such accidents in the future are being carefully reviewed and implemented. Yet, despite these efforts, tragedies like this continue to occur.

Zoos, intended to safeguard such fragile animals through funded conservation projects, are paradoxically the places where they sometimes meet their demise, a reality that is simply unacceptable.

The details of what truly happened that night remain unclear. However, what is known is the sorrowful fact that a young giraffe, born on December 15th, has died within the confines of a zoo.

Source: Zoo Miami

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