Why your dog digs in your bed (or on the sofa)

Does your dog also have a habit of digging on the bed, as well as on the sofa? Why does it behave this way at home? What is it trying to tell us? Here's why it does it.

It’s not just cats that have the penchant for digging and covering their business in the litter box. Dogs, too, exhibit similar behavior within the confines of our homes, showcasing their digging prowess in some rather unexpected places.

We’re not talking about gardens or patios, but right inside our four walls. Often, our four-legged friends take to scratching and digging on their owner’s bed. Does this scenario sound familiar? But why do they do it? Why does your dog dig on the bed?

Dogs, with their long history of domestication, exhibit behaviors that can be explained by looking both at their nature and their current needs. If a dog digs on the bed, it might be trying to tell us something:

  • Refuge: Instinctively, dogs are inclined to dig and create a den for refuge as they would in the wild. It’s part of their primal essence; for dogs, digging is natural. This trait might come out in a domestic setting because the dog has recognized that spot in the house as safe, comfortable. The same could happen with a sofa or other spots where Fido feels at ease and knows it can “let its guard down.”
  • Stress: Digging on the bed could also be an expression of the stress the animal is experiencing. The dog is likely feeling frustrated, suffering from anxiety, maybe it’s nervous and trying to calm itself by venting the emotions it’s going through. Digging could temporarily relieve the dog.

Each signal should be evaluated individually to intervene if and when necessary. Continuously digging on the bed or sofa should not be ignored or encouraged because, in addition to eventually damaging the household furnishings, it could indicate a clear discomfort in the animal.

Besides the possibility of consulting a specialist, ensure your dog always has a cozy bed and its own space in the house. Dedicate enough time for play and do not neglect its requests.

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