Doctor dresses young patients as superheroes, easing surgery fears

Leandro Brandão Guimarães has adopted this technique to avoid making his little patients nervous before surgery: he dresses them up as superheroes

In an extraordinary display of compassion and creativity, a doctor has gone viral on social media for dressing his young patients as superheroes before taking them to the operating room. This heartwarming approach has touched thousands, showcasing the doctor’s dedication to easing his patients’ fears before surgery.

Brazil’s own Dr. Leandro Brandão Guimarães, a specialized otolaryngologist in pediatric care, has found that children can be especially vulnerable to fear and anxiety before undergoing surgery. Over the years, he has discovered a unique way to lift their spirits: superhero costumes. From Superman’s cape to Flash’s mask, these costumes provide a sense of confidence and calmness to the children, making their journey to the operating room a little less scary.

The Goal: A Less Traumatic Experience

Videos shared by Dr. Guimarães on Instagram feature him carrying a patient dressed as Superman and another donning a Batman costume, highlighting his innovative method of comforting children before surgery. Dr. Guimarães has commented on this approach, stating, “Being able to make the experience of a medical visit, examination, and even surgery as least traumatic as possible for my little patients is what moves me. It’s what warms my heart. Believing that I’m doing the best for my patients gives me the strength to continue.”

This compassionate approach has earned Dr. Guimarães thousands of accolades from parents on social media, making him a celebrity in Brazil and setting a remarkable example for future physicians.

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