Close call with a gorilla: tense moments captured at Fort Worth zoo

Panic in a Texas zoo, where a gorilla surprised the keepers, unaware of the animal's presence in the enclosure. Fortunately nothing happened, but another misstep could have seriously jeopardized the safety of the employees and the life of the gorilla

In a heart-stopping incident at the Fort Worth Zoo, Texas, USA, two zookeepers found themselves unexpectedly trapped within a gorilla enclosure, mere meters away from a large primate. A video capturing the nerve-wracking moment has gone viral, showcasing the entire ordeal.

Close call incident

Months ago, while preparing food for the animals in their care, the zookeepers were suddenly charged by Elmo, a male gorilla, who appeared out of nowhere and ran towards them. Although there was no physical contact between the keepers and the gorilla, the incident left spectators frozen in fear.


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Spectators prayed for the safety of the zookeepers, holding their breath as the terrifying scene unfolded. According to the Fort Worth Zoo administration, the incident resulted from a mistake made by the keepers themselves.

Procedure not followed

Standard procedure requires animals to be temporarily moved to an internal area of their enclosure when staff need to work in the space, ensuring no one is at risk. It’s likely the keepers believed the gorilla had already been moved, only to find themselves face to face with him.

Life in captivity

Gorillas, being wild animals, can exhibit aggression and become dangerous in certain situations, especially to their species and humans. This risk is heightened when animals are kept in captivity under conditions of severe stress and suffering, making their reactions even more unpredictable.

This is the case for all animals condemned to a life within the confines of a zoo, whether it be a pond, a tank, or a small patch of land. Elmo, the gorilla at the center of this incident, knows these conditions all too well. Born in a cage at the Buffalo Zoo, Elmo has spent all 34 years of his life in captivity, with his recent years at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Source: ben306069/TikTok

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