Tragic animal deaths at Jevpatorija zoo in Crimea

Flames destroyed a Crimean zoo and killed over 200 exotic and wild animals imprisoned in their cages. The causes of the fire are yet to be clarified. It is assumed that a short circuit caused the fire to break out

In a devastating late-night incident on April 16, the Tropic Park Zoo in Jevpatorija, Crimea, was engulfed in a catastrophic fire, leading to the deaths of over 200 exotic and wild animals including lemurs, primates, crocodiles, turtles, and birds. The fire trapped these animals with no escape.

The animals were housed in cages arranged across five floors, which tragically turned into deadly traps as the flames engulfed them, burning the animals alive. Only two bears and a few other lucky animals survived the horrifying event, as their enclosure was located on the ground floor.

Fire details and response

The fire reportedly ignited around 3:00 AM from the roof of the main building and quickly spread over an area of 625 square meters. By approximately 7:00 AM, firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the blaze.

Local sources indicated that some structures affected by the fire subsequently collapsed. Firefighters managed to timely rescue a female zookeeper who had lost consciousness in the room where she was found.

Human casualties and investigation

Initial reports confirm that no human fatalities occurred among the zoo staff present during those terrifying hours. The only victims were the animals. Zoo representatives speculate that the cause of the fire may be linked to an electrical short-circuit.

The regional prosecutor’s office will confirm this and investigate whether the zoo met safety requirements. Meanwhile, other zoos in the country have offered to take in the few surviving animals while the investigation continues.

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