Italy takes significant steps in animal welfare and stray prevention

There are many innovations approved in Piedmont to protect pets, including the possibility of burial of dog ashes together with the owners

The Piedmont Regional Council has passed new measures concerning the protection of pets and the prevention of straying, marking a significant advancement in animal welfare and public awareness about respecting animals. This development is seen as an essential stride towards promoting a more compassionate society.

Prohibition of chaining dogs with specific exceptions

One of the key highlights is the prohibition of keeping dogs chained, except under specific circumstances related to health, safety, and cynotechnical reasons. This decision indicates a significant shift in mindset, emphasizing the well-being and freedom of domestic animals.

Particularly, chaining will still be allowed for productive and agricultural activities where temporary use of a chain might be necessary for safety reasons. Shepherd dogs, assigned to protective duties, will be left free to move around, reflecting a nuanced approach to their welfare.

13 Veterinary clinics to provide free care for pets of social services beneficiaries

Another notable innovation is the recognition of the therapeutic contribution offered by pet therapy, underscoring the profound connection between humans and animals and the importance of this bond in enhancing people’s quality of life.

Additionally, owners will have the opportunity to be buried with their pet’s ashes. This decision is a gesture of affection and respect towards our four-legged companions, acknowledging their crucial role in our lives.

The measures also include concrete steps to combat straying, such as establishing a regional database and increasing efforts to raise public awareness against the abandonment and mistreatment of animals.

Furthermore, 13 social veterinary clinics will be established throughout Piedmont, offering free care to the pets of individuals under social services. This commendable initiative ensures equitable access to veterinary care for all animals, regardless of their owners’ financial situation.

The new measures represent a significant advance in promoting animal welfare and protecting the rights of pets in Piedmont. These actions demonstrate a concrete commitment to a more respectful society towards animals.

Source: Piedmont Region

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