Italy’s first climate defense course launched in Turin

The first self-defense course against climate denialism promoted by Envipark and Enea aims to provide tools to defend oneself from fake news and take concrete actions for the future of the Planet

In the vibrant city of Turin, a pioneering think tank dedicated to fostering innovation, with a keen eye on ecological transition and artificial intelligence, has been launched. This innovative endeavor, initiated by the Environment Park – a Scientific and Technological Hub for the Environment, marks a significant first in Italy: the introduction of a course designed to arm individuals against climate change denial.

A groundbreaking course against climate denialism

Spearheaded by Envipark in collaboration with Enea, this course aims to equip students and citizens alike with the tools necessary to counter misinformation regarding climate change and to encourage meaningful action.

The course’s curriculum is structured around seven key points: an introduction to climate change, an exploration of the origins and spread of denialism, the development of strategies to recognize such denialism, an understanding of the role of fake news and social media, the fostering of critical thinking and a critical approach, the acquisition of effective communication skills, and the encouragement of both individual and collective action.

A response to the lack of awareness on these issues

Giacomo Portas, President of Envipark, highlighted the critical need for widespread awareness of climate change, stating,

“It is everyone’s duty to play their part, and politics plays a crucial role in guiding the necessary processes.”

This course targets not only students and citizens but also aims to engage political figures across the spectrum. It is seen as a tangible response to the general lack of awareness surrounding the issue of climate change and its challenges.

In response, seven experts in climate, environment, and new technologies convened at the Envipark offices in Turin to launch this first-of-its-kind think tank. They presented their visions for the future, covering topics from sustainable food to the ethics of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Among these visionaries are Sara Roversi, founder of the Future Food Institute, who collaborates with major organizations like the UN, FAO, and UNESCO to craft and implement strategies for the food of tomorrow; Don Andrea Ciucci, coordinator at the central office of the Pontifical Academy for Life (Holy See) and secretary-general of the Vatican Foundation RenAIssance, focusing on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, the group includes Cristina Brizzolari, a visionary agricultural entrepreneur and president of Coldiretti Piemonte; Chiara Foglietta, city councilor for the Environment and Ecological Transition of Turin; Fabrizio Ricca, regional councilor for Internationalization, Sports, and Youth Policies, known for supporting Piedmontese companies at innovation events worldwide; and Omar El Handani, CEO of Sicuranext, a leading company in the field of cybersecurity.

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