A donkey named Diesel: a tale of survival in the California wilderness

Almost 5 years have passed since the first report of Diesel, the donkey who chose to live as a free wild animal. A new video from this year shows him together with his new "family". Now he lives with a wapiti specimen

In California, a donkey named Diesel has captured the attention of the public. After disappearing from his home five years ago, he has been sighted again. The latest report confirms that Diesel is still in the company of his new wild friends.

Diesel’s early life

Diesel’s story began when he was captured by the federal Bureau of Land Management and subsequently adopted by a couple running a ranch in California. He lived with them until 2019. During a family outing, a sudden noise terrified Diesel, causing him to bolt and disappear. The couple searched extensively, hoping for his safety in the wild.

Sightings over the years

A first sighting of Diesel came four years after his escape. Now, five years later, he has been spotted again, not alone this time either. A hunter recorded a video in Northern California showing a herd of elk, and among them was a donkey. The video quickly circulated on social media and reached Diesel’s former owners.

Confirmation and reactions

The ranch owners had no doubt: the donkey in the video was their Diesel.

“It was incredible; we finally saw him and know he is okay. He is living his best life, happy and healthy, and it’s a relief for us to know that,” they commented.

Respecting his new life

The couple has decided not to attempt to bring Diesel back, recognizing that he has grown and adapted to life outside. They are reassured seeing him with other animals that appear to have accepted him as one of their own. However, they hope that no hunter will bring an end to this story by targeting the group.

Source maxfennell/Instagram

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