The ranking of the world’s most beautiful countries

Let's explore the annual ranking of the world’s most beautiful countries as determined by Rough Guides and World of Statistics

The list of the most beautiful countries, compiled by Rough Guides and World of Statistics, offers a fascinating glimpse into the wonders that our planet has to offer. At the top, we have a nation on the edge of the world—at least for us—but more captivating than ever: New Zealand. It is renowned for its wild and pristine beauty with just over 5 million inhabitants despite a vast territory.

Italy secures the silver medal, celebrated for its art, history, and cuisine. Right behind it is the world’s second largest country, Canada, with its boundless lakes and inland waters.

Positions from 4 to 10

Moving down the list, outside the top three remains Switzerland in fourth place, known for its mountainous landscapes, stunning lakes, and efficient transportation system, but also as a tax haven.

France might come as a surprise, only ranking fifth. It trails three spots behind Italy despite its mountains, crystal-clear seas, and art cities with the magnificent Paris. However, it seems that’s not enough.

In sixth place, we have Great Britain, an island rich in history and culture and one of the top countries in the world for tourist entries, also bolstered by the most spoken language globally. Following is Norway in seventh place, famous for its spectacular fjords and high standard of living, positioning it among the world’s wealthiest nations at the top of life quality indexes.

Australia stands out in eighth place, a continent in its own right with its vastness, incredible beaches, and extraordinary wildlife. Then we have Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, with its ancient ruins and beautiful islands. Finally, in tenth place, South Africa, the only African country in the top 10, a nation that spans two oceans and boasts a rich cultural and landscape diversity.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries

The ranking of the world’s most beautiful countries according to Rough Guides and World of Statistics:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Italy
  3. Canada
  4. Switzerland
  5. France
  6. Great Britain
  7. Norway
  8. Australia
  9. Greece
  10. South Africa

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