Valencia’s enchanted Gulliver Park: a must-visit for families

Valencia is home to Gulliver Park, with the giant Gulliver attraction which is a huge slide perfect for the little ones

We are in Spain. Valencia’s Gulliver Park, nestled in the ancient riverbed of the Turia, stands as a captivating destination that whisks visitors of every age into the enchanting tale of Gulliver, inspired by Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”.

Recently refurbished, the colossal Gulliver offers an enhanced experience, now even more appealing to young tourists. The park’s centerpiece is a large-scale representation of the giant Gulliver, lying on the ground, bound by ropes.

His attire and hair have been ingeniously transformed into ramps, slides, and stairs, providing children with the opportunity to explore and revel in an open, verdant space. Spanning nearly seventy meters in length and standing nine meters tall, the giant becomes a massive slide that morphs into an adventurous and fun structure for the little ones. The park is open year-round and is free of charge.

Gulliver park in Valencia


Recent improvements

As mentioned, the park has undergone recent enhancements, with a special focus on safety, lighting, and accessibility. New additions include more green areas and a ramp system that makes the park accessible to everyone. The internal structure of the giant figure has been enriched with a new playground area dedicated to younger children, who may not yet tackle the giant’s climbs.

The Gulliver giant is now not only a fun place but also a safer and more accessible option for families. The new green zones offer ideal spots for picnics and relaxation moments while the children play, allowing parents to join in the fun or watch their little explorers.

Gulliver park in Valencia


Valencia’s Gulliver Park is more attractive than ever with its recent improvements and has become a must-visit for families exploring Valencia, transporting visitors into a magical dimension inspired by the famous tale. This entirely free attraction, open all year round, is also easily reachable by bicycles, contributing to Valencia’s appeal as an ideal city for active and fun exploration.

Source: El Parque Gulliver de Valencia

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