The 30 beaches with the world’s bluest waters

Pasqyra beach in Albania was found to have the bluest waters in the world by comparing satellite images of 200 beaches. Discover the ranking of the top 30.

CV Villas, a vacation rental agency, has recently unveiled a list of the world’s beaches with the clearest, most azure waters, as determined by satellite imagery. The study meticulously analyzed satellite images of 200 global beaches using digital color codes, revealing a surprising discovery: Pasqyra Beach (also known as Mirror Beach) in Albania, on the Ionian Sea, boasts the world’s bluest waters. This distinction is the outcome of a thorough examination.

Among the top 30 beaches that closely match the YInMN blue shade, 26 are located in Europe, with Greece leading the charge with seven spots on the list. Notably, Paralia Mpouka in the Peloponnese and Kassiopi in Corfu are ranked second and third, respectively.

France, Portugal, and Turkey also made it into the top 10, while the United States is represented by Cannon Beach in Oregon, ranking 15th. Other non-European destinations featured in the list include Matira Beach in Bora Bora and Playa El Doradillo in Argentina.

The European dominance in this list may come as a surprise to many, showcasing that the Old Continent is home to some of the world’s most crystal-clear and captivating waters. This acknowledgment could significantly impact tourism in the region, drawing travelers seeking stunning coastal destinations.

The allure of these beaches lies not only in the color of their waters but also in the surrounding landscapes, local culture, and unique experiences they offer visitors. The chance to explore such enchanting and picturesque beaches could be an irresistible draw for many tourists looking for adventure and relaxation.

The 30 beaches with the world’s bluest waters

Here is the complete list of the beaches with the world’s bluest waters:

  1. Pasqyra Beach (Mirror Beach), Albania
  2. Paralia Mpouka (Long Beach), Greece
  3. Kassiopi, Greece
  4. Plage de la Vernette, France
  5. Kaputas Beach, Turkey
  6. Voulisma Beach, Greece
  7. Foki Beach, Greece
  8. Praia do Carvalho, Portugal
  9. Omprogialos, Greece
  10. Los Lances Beach, Spain
  11. Troon Beach, Scotland
  12. Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn Beach), Croatia
  13. Ploce Beach, Montenegro
  14. Marina del Cantone, Italy
  15. Cannon Beach, United States
  16. Cala Saona, Spain
  17. Keem Bay, Ireland
  18. Antisamos, Greece
  19. Plaza Kutlesa, Croatia
  20. Štikovica, Croatia
  21. Platja es Tancats, Spain
  22. Platja des Coll Baix, Spain
  23. Dafnoudi Beach, Greece
  24. Paloma Beach, France
  25. Praia de Boneca, Portugal
  26. Cala Figuera, Spain
  27. Milocher Beach, Montenegro
  28. Matira Beach, French Polynesia
  29. Cape Kaliakra, Bulgaria
  30. Playa El Doradillo, Argentina
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