Unique employment offer: live and work among penguins in Antarctica

The British Antarctic Heritage Trust is looking for five people to count penguins on Goudier Island in Antarctica and sort mail in a unique setting

In an unusual job opportunity presented by the British Antarctic Heritage Trust, individuals are given the chance to work on Goudier Island in Antarctica. This one-of-a-kind offer involves counting penguins and assisting in postal operations, requiring five dedicated individuals to oversee wildlife surveillance, including around 2,000 Gentoo penguins, in an isolated yet mesmerizing environment.

Goudier Island, situated about 700 nautical miles south of Argentina’s tip, boasts a rich and fascinating history. Once a whaling hub and later a British research base during World War II, the island is now a historic site and landmark managed by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

The roles include a variety of tasks such as wildlife and environmental monitoring on behalf of the British Antarctic Survey and updating the penguin count on the base’s website. Selected candidates will also have the chance to manage the British Antarctic Territory’s post office, operational during the Antarctic summer months from November to March.

Interaction with tourists

Despite its remote location, Goudier Island is not devoid of visitors. It is a common stop for cruise ships exploring Antarctic regions, ensuring a degree of activity and social interaction for those working there.

The job advertisement, targeting five individuals for the moment, highlights the uniqueness and diversity of the assigned responsibilities. It promises a stimulating and unparalleled experience for those interested in wildlife conservation and living amidst nature in a unique and isolated environment.

A remarkable opportunity

The opportunity to work on Goudier Island represents an extraordinary experience for those seeking a career off the beaten path and willing to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and challenges of Antarctica. Interviews are scheduled for early April, with selection taking place between May 7th and 9th.

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