The spectacular journey of a puma: with over 930 miles travelled, it is among the longest journeys ever recorded

A puma has made an extraordinary journey, traveling over 1500 kilometers across the border between several American states. For biologists and other experts, these movements are encouraging because, with the right protection actions, the species could reach territories where it has disappeared

Imagine a journey spanning hundreds of miles through natural trails, mountains, and lakes, exploring every terrain that lies ahead. A young female puma did just that, traversing part of the American state of Utah and reaching Colorado.

In the records, she is known as F66, a 2-and-a-half-year-old whose remarkable journey was monitored by biologists and rangers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, thanks to the wildlife animal’s GPS collar.

Her journey, covering more than 930 miles, marks one of the longest ever recorded. It all began in 2022 when the courageous feline crossed the Wasatch mountain range.

She swam at the border with Wyoming and continued her journey to the eastern side of Colorado. The researchers couldn’t stop following her movements, wondering how much further F66 would go.

“I wanted to follow her every day, especially when she reached the Uinta Mountains in Utah,” shared biologist Morgan Hinton from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

F66 might have pushed forward to Kansas, in the heart of the United States, if not for another mountain lion that attacked her. One day, her collar emitted a mortality signal. The Colorado wildlife management team confirmed F66’s cause of death.

Her journey remains extraordinary not only for its length but also as a beacon of hope for the species. In some US states, pumas have vanished, but migrations like F66’s could naturally repopulate territories once roamed.

“This information is crucial for understanding puma population dynamics and improving conservation strategies for the species in Utah and surrounding states,” stated the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Understanding the role that pumas play in the ecosystem and the benefits they bring to biodiversity is essential. With these words, Mark Elbroch, director of the wild cat conservation organization Panthera, underscored the importance of protecting the species and raising public awareness.

Source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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