Barbie honors Indigenous rights defender Maira Gomez for its 65th anniversary

Barbie paid homage to activist Maira Gomez, producing for the first time a doll inspired by an indigenous Brazilian woman

In a groundbreaking move to celebrate its 65th birthday and International Women’s Day, the iconic Barbie brand has paid tribute to an enduring champion of indigenous rights, Maira Gomez.

This gesture marks a significant moment for Mattel as it’s the first time the company has produced a doll inspired by a Brazilian indigenous woman. Maira Gomez, also known by her indigenous name, Cunhaporanga, is an activist for the Tatuyo indigenous people’s rights, boasting over 6.6 million followers on TikTok.

Her influence and dedication caught the attention of Mattel, prompting them to feature her in their Inspiring Women Barbie line. The doll not only faithfully represents Maira’s appearance but also wears a traditional costume made of natural elements, symbolizing her connection to indigenous culture and land.

Mattel aims to celebrate andinspire women worldwide

This initiative is part of Mattel’s broader project to celebrate and inspire women across the globe. Maira Gomez is the fifth Brazilian woman to be honored by the brand, a distinction that has filled the activist with immense pride and gratitude.

“Being represented as an inspiring woman is a signal of how it is possible for women to pursue their dreams and realize their potential,” Maira stated.

This move reflects Mattel’s commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity in its dolls, breaking stereotypes, and offering a broader and more authentic representation of women worldwide. Including a doll inspired by Maira Gomez is a significant step towards greater representativity in the toy world and beyond.

The doll inspired by Maira Gomez features distinctive attributes, such as facial paintings and the traditional costume, making it unique and meaningful to the Brazilian indigenous culture. This action celebrates Maira’s commitment and inspiration in defending indigenous rights and offers a positive role model for young girls everywhere.

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