From packaging to fashion statement: Balenciaga unveils the tape bracelet

Balenciaga once again rides the wave of uselessness with its new "tape bracelet" which looks in every way like a roll of scotch tape with the brand imprinted on the bottom

In its latest fashion statement, Balenciaga has once more stirred up a storm of attention and debate. This time, the buzz is all about the “tape bracelet”, a creation that seems to push the boundaries of style and practicality. Crafted to resemble a roll of transparent tape, this accessory distinguishes itself with the iconic Balenciaga logo clearly visible against its sticky backdrop.

The fashion world first caught wind of this provocative item during Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2024-25 show in Paris, where it was part of a broader narrative that toyed with the concepts of packaging and shipment-ready fashion. A model was seen adorned with a dress sculpted to her body using similar adhesive tape, walking among references to E-bay and garments with price tags dangling from them, emphasizing the theme of consumerism ready to be dispatched directly to the shopper’s home.

The bracelet’s journey to viral fame was sparked by a video from Highsnobiety, capturing the fascinated and puzzled reactions of the social media sphere. While the exact price of the tape bracelet remains a mystery, with the piece not yet available for purchase, other bracelets from the brand’s official site range from €295 to €1600, hinting at what the future might hold for this unusual accessory.

Balenciaga non è nuova a queste provocazioni

Renowned for its surrealist and sometimes Dadaist provocations, Balenciaga is no stranger to stirring the pot with items that blur the line between everyday objects and high fashion. Under the creative direction of Demna Gvasalia, the brand has previously unveiled items like bags mimicking potato chip sacks and pre-destroyed sneakers as sly critiques of consumerism and capitalism.

With a history rich in eccentric creations, such as an Ikea-like tote and a “trash pouch” resembling a black garbage bag priced at €1700, Balenciaga continues to challenge perceptions of value and desirability in contemporary fashion. These pieces, often seen as unnecessary yet irresistibly popular among the affluent, underscore the brand’s knack for turning the mundane into the coveted, further cementing its status as a provocateur in the fashion industry.

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