A stroll on the beach unveils prehistoric footprints

A family made an amazing discovery on the beach. 8 dinosaur footprints were unearthed by tides and rain recently. No one had ever seen them before.

While enjoying a serene walk along the beach in Bexhill, East Sussex, with her children, Vicky Ballinger stumbled upon a discovery that halted them in their tracks. The sight before the Ballinger family was nothing short of astonishing: giant, prehistoric footprints etched into the sands of time right in front of them. Capturing the moment on video, Vicky, equipped with undeniable evidence, headed straight to the local Bexhill Museum to share the find with scholars and learn more about the eight massive imprints.

An unexpected discovery

Believing the footprints might belong to an Iguanodon, a herbivorous dinosaur that roamed the Earth during the Early Cretaceous period, Vicky was intrigued by the distinct three-toed marks left by the creature’s hind legs. Her children, on the other hand, fancied the idea that these could be the tracks of a T-rex, though this was deemed highly unlikely.

The shores of Bexhill have previously yielded dinosaur remains, but footprints of this magnitude have never been observed before. It was the combination of tides and rainfall that shifted the sands, revealing these dinosaur footprints that had lain hidden for millennia.

Walking in the footsteps of a giant

Moving just a few meters along the beach could potentially unveil more footprints waiting to be discovered and admired.

“The children were thrilled to see the dinosaur footprints and to walk where this prehistoric animal once did was very exciting,” shared Vicky Ballinger.

The Ballinger family is no stranger to such remarkable finds. In their previous explorations around Bexhill, they have uncovered other treasures of our history, including a fossil that preserves the teeth of an osteichthyan fish from the Scheenstia genus.

Source: vickbee100/YouTube

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