The world’s most illegal beer: a bold statement for gender equality

A revolutionary beer, dubbed the "world's most illegal," is born, brewed by women challenging discriminatory laws in more than 50 countries

Introducing Muschicraft, dubbed “the world’s most illegal beer.” This isn’t just any beer. It’s a statement, a challenge against gender inequalities globally, crafted by a group of determined women. By producing this beer, they are breaking laws in over 50 countries, making Muschicraft far more than a mere alcoholic beverage. It’s a manifesto for women’s equality and autonomy, a bold declaration of intent that provocatively and effectively highlights gender injustice.

The quest for change

Muschicraft’s “The Most Illegal Beer” aims to challenge the status quo. With over a third of the world’s countries still imposing laws that limit women’s actions, relegating them to a position of inequality compared to men, this beer shines a light on such disparities, calling for swift change.

Sophie Tschannett, founder of the feminist craft beer brand, states,

“With ‘The Most Illegal Beer’, Muschicraft aims to highlight the outdated and sexist laws hidden within legal systems worldwide and calls for faster progress towards gender equality.”

A revolutionary brewing process

What makes this beer revolutionary is its production process. Women from various countries, including Russia, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, the United States, and Italy, have come together in this endeavor. Each step of the process, from alcohol production (illegal in Lebanon) to cleaning operating machinery (illegal in Uruguay and nine other countries) to transporting heavy materials (illegal in Russia and twenty-two other countries), is an act of defiance against the patriarchal system.

Tschanett remarked,

“Our beer is a bold provocation against the patriarchal world. Change always starts with conversations. My intention is to give people something to talk about with this beer: they should discuss gender equality and how we can achieve it.”

Launch and impact

Launched on March 8th, International Women’s Day, the new beer is a 100% Mosaic dry-hopped Pale Ale, featuring a smooth character with dank and tropical notes. Available in select Berlin shops and online (with unspecified shipping to Italy), a portion of sales from “The Most Illegal Beer” supports Women For Women International, a global organization fighting for gender equality. Additionally, the beer is sent to justice ministries and legislative bodies in countries with discriminatory laws, aiming to press for change.

Every sip of this rebellious brew invites us to reflect on the injustices of our world and commit to a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

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