How to build your own garden retreat

From wooden pallets to old sheets, here's everything you can recycle to create a wonderful relaxing corner in your garden

As we welcome the warmer seasons, creating a DIY relaxation corner in your garden is an enjoyable and straightforward project. You can craft this personal oasis using various recycled materials, from old wooden pallets to used bed sheets. Discover the most charming handmade ideas for inspiration.

Relaxation corner with wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are often repurposed into outdoor sofas simply by stacking two and topping them with a mattress and some cushions. You can also construct an overhead structure and drape it with a mosquito net or an old sheet.

Alternatively, build a three-sided box with a roof using pallets for both the sofa and walls. Place a wooden crate as a coffee table in front, along with a lantern and some plants.

Relaxation corner with a recycled bench

If you have an old wooden bench in good condition, don’t throw it away. Instead, repaint it and use it to create your relaxation corner. Choose a suitable location and flank the bench with flower pots and various plants. You can place them directly on the ground or elevate them using fruit crates to vary the heights. Add a lantern and some cushions to the bench for extra comfort.

Relaxation corner with old sheets

Repurpose an old sheet by draping it over a suspended branch to create a canopy. Place a blanket and some cushions underneath for a cozy seating area.

Suspended bed with pallet

Another delightful idea is to construct a suspended bed using a wooden pallet. Hang it from tree branches with sturdy ropes. Add a small mattress and some cushions to complete your tranquil retreat.


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