Do you have old or unattractive light switches at home? here’s how to diy decorate them!

You can paint the lids or cover them with decoupage. Or even decorate the wall behind it. Here are many DIY ideas to embellish old light switches

Are you tired of looking at old or unattractive light switches in your home? Did you know you can give them a facelift with some DIY decoration? By utilizing a variety of techniques, such as permanent markers, acrylic paints, washi tape, and fabrics, you can transform them into pieces of art.

Before you start, remember to unscrew the covers (after turning off the electricity) and prepare the surface for painting by sanding it with sandpaper. An alternative idea is to paint the wall behind the switch or both. Discover the most original and creative DIY ideas!

Decorations around the switches

If you prefer not to unscrew the switch for decoration, you can always paint the wall behind it using colors suitable for the intended surface. Be cautious not to use other types of paint as you risk damaging the wall.

The themes are endless: blooming hearts, apples, pears, strawberries, and all sorts of fruits that are also easy to paint.

We recommend drafting your design on a piece of paper first. Once you’re satisfied, copy the design directly onto the wall.

Painting little flowers above, below, or all around the switch is also a charming option.

And what about mushrooms?

Here, the switch has been painted green, and strawberries were added afterward.

Another idea? Paint the background of the switch plates with acrylic colors and draw swirls with a fine-tip white permanent marker.

Decorations with collage

You can also cover the switch cover, after unscrewing it, with buttons and other small objects by gluing them on with hot glue.

Fabric coverings

Alternatively, get a piece of adhesive fabric and use it to cover the cover. Adhesive paper for furniture is also an option.

Washi tape coverings

Another method involves the famous washi tape, the decorative paper adhesive tape. Simply cut and press it onto the cover to fully wrap it.

To prevent it from peeling off, we recommend adding a bit of glue and a layer of Vinavil on top of the tape, as done in decoupage.

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