Creative recycling for chic, small-space living

Arredare una casa piccola non è difficile ma occorrono i giusti accorgimenti e qualche trucco per ottimizzare gli spazi. Anche il fai da te torna utile, ecco alcune idee versatili e perfette per una casa mini

Decorating a small home involves a series of careful considerations and strategies to maximize available space. One of the main rules is to utilize vertical spaces by hanging shelves and racks on the walls. Another trick involves choosing light colors, which make spaces brighter and seem more expansive. Let’s not forget about the use of foldable furniture that can be pulled out as needed.

Creative recycling also proves useful in a small home because it allows for a burst of creativity. Here are seven DIY ideas for inspiration to decorate a small space tastefully without breaking the bank.

Shelves with fruit crates

Speaking of utilizing vertical space, here’s the perfect handmade solution for storing dishes, jars, and kitchen items: shelves made from wooden crates. It’s easy to do: get three crates, sand them down well, and hang them on the free wall of the kitchen with a drill. You can arrange them as you like: stacked, side by side, or in various positions as in the example.

Hanging pots with fruit crates

Hanging pots instead of placing them on the ground saves a ton of space, and the effect is WOW! Why not make them with simple wooden fruit crates? Just tie four pieces of twine to the corners, insert the plants, and hang them from the ceiling.

Bathroom cabinet with fruit crates

Just three crates painted white and you’re set: stack them, join them with screws and a drill, and store towels, toilet paper, and various accessories on the shelves.

Shelves with old drawers

Old drawers can also be creatively recycled to take advantage of height: shorten them, refresh them with some paint, attach a suitably sized piece of wood to the back, and hang them on the walls. Then, just store whatever you want inside.

Dividers with fruit crates

Wooden fruit crates can also be used to create original DIY dividers, allowing you to divide the available space and use the internal cavities to store objects or books.

A Single Piece of Furniture, Double Function!

Vertical garden with an old pallet

Turning an old pallet into a vertical garden is (almost) a snap! A cute and original idea to always have your favorite aromatic plants on hand, even on a small terrace.

And it can be hung up!

Wall planter with pallet

The idea of transforming an old wooden pallet into a handy wall planter is also attractive: just fix shelves or wooden cubes at various heights and place your favorite flowers and plants on top.

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