Creative uses for old lifebuoys

From candle holders to napkin rings, from door wreaths to mirrors, here's how to make beautiful DIY decorations inspired by lifebuoy donuts

Have you ever seen those lifebuoy rings used on boats? They can be creatively repurposed into fun summer decorations, or you can draw inspiration from them to create DIY objects using various recycled materials.

House decoration with lifebuoy

If you have an old lifebuoy, here’s how to transform it into a beautiful home decoration: simply wrap it with pieces of denim, securing them with twine or rope, and hang the lifebuoy on the wall. This idea is perfect for adorning an indoor space, such as a hallway, or even an outdoor area.

Door wreath

Do you like door wreaths? Get a polystyrene ring and wrap it with strips of recycled red fabric. Cut four pieces of white rope and use them to finish off the wreath, as shown in the example, and to hang it on the door.

Another cute idea is to cover the entire wreath with rope, adding a blue wooden anchor for a nautical touch.


Turn a circular piece of wood into a mirror: paint it white, add blue stripes, and any text of your choice, which you can create using stencils. Attach the mirror to the center of the wooden piece and secure a rope around the edge to hang it on the wall.

Napkin rings

Small wooden rings can be quickly transformed into nautical-style napkin rings. Simply paint them white and add blue or red stripes.

Candle holders

Slightly flattened wooden rings can become unique DIY candle holders: to personalize them, paint them white and add blue or red bands. You can paint these bands directly onto the rings or create them using washi tape.

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