Peru’s battle against dengue: a high-tech solution emerges

In response to the increase in dengue cases, Sapolio has developed "The Guardian Toad", a self-contained device that prevents mosquitoes from breeding in stagnant water

Peru is grappling with one of the most severe health crises in its recent history: a dengue fever epidemic that has seen cases surge tenfold compared to the average over the past five years. But how do you fight an invisible enemy that breeds in stagnant water? The answer might come in the form of a small yet powerful ally: a mechanical frog called “The Guardian Toad”. This autonomous, solar-powered device continuously stirs the water it floats in, making it inhospitable for the Aedes mosquitoes responsible for spreading the dengue virus.

This project, developed by Sapolio in collaboration with the VML agency and supported by major Peruvian universities, promises to protect over 92% of stagnant water surfaces, the main cause of this disease’s spread. This is particularly significant in a context where 80% of the population lacks access to potable water and uses plastic tanks to store water. By the end of July 2023, Peru had recorded 222,620 dengue cases, about ten times the previous five-year average.

How It works

The device is frog-shaped and works by continuously agitating the water in containers where mosquitoes typically lay their eggs. Aedes mosquitoes, which are the vectors of the dengue virus, breed in stagnant water. By creating movement in the water, “The Guardian Toad” prevents mosquitoes from finding a suitable environment to lay their eggs and for larvae to grow.

“The Guardian Toad” is entirely autonomous, thanks to integrated solar panels. These panels capture sunlight to power the device, eliminating the need for batteries or other energy sources. This is particularly useful in remote areas of Peru, where access to electricity can be limited. Due to its small size, the device can be used in various types of water containers, from small tanks to large reservoirs used for water collection.

Sustainable and User-Friendly

Besides its efficiency in preventing mosquito proliferation, “The Guardian Toad” is designed to be user-friendly and sustainable. It does not require complex maintenance, and thanks to solar energy, it does not contribute to environmental pollution. Its autonomy makes it a practical solution for communities affected by a lack of potable water.

Source: VML

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