The rise of high-efficiency solar panels: Maxeon’s breakthrough

The latest developments in the field of solar energy: the Maxeon 7 panel reaches an efficiency of 24.9%, marking a step forward for the efficiency of residential photovoltaic modules and offering new possibilities for energy saving

In the rapidly evolving solar energy sector, research moves swiftly in both organic photovoltaics and cutting-edge perovskite solar cells, known for promising efficiencies of up to 14.46%. Concurrently, the competition in traditional photovoltaic modules intended for rooftop installation does not rest, where the race for efficiency is ongoing.

Maxeon takes a leap in solar efficiency

In this relentless quest for efficiency, Maxeon has made its mark by producing high-performance solar panels. Recent statements reveal that the company has achieved a new milestone with its residential solar panel, Maxeon 7, boasting an efficiency of 24.9%, a figure confirmed by the USA’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This development is presented as a leap forward for the industry, surpassing the average efficiency of the most performant panels on the market, which stands at around 23%.

Despite this progress, the Maxeon 7 panel’s availability to end-users in the United States will take time. The company has indicated that, while the product is already available to some selected partners in Europe, its broader availability, including the United States, is anticipated only in the third quarter of 2024.

Trends and durability in the solar panel sector

The question of whether solar panels can translate into actual savings is at the forefront of many people’s minds. High-efficiency panels prove to be a beneficial solution for those with limited space, as they allow for generating more electricity in less space. This can represent a more economically attractive solution compared to installing a larger number of less efficient panels. However, it should be noted that the availability of panels varies depending on the installer, making it crucial to consult with various companies specializing in solar installation to ensure the most advantageous offer.

The new efficiency record achieved by Maxeon falls into a trend of continuous improvement in the efficiency of residential solar panels. As highlighted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, while in 2004, most residential solar installations opted for panels with an efficiency lower than 16%, by 2022, there was a general increase, with the adoption of panels with 19% efficiency or higher. Moreover, Maxeon 7 panels are distinguished for their ability to withstand significant impacts, such as hailstones up to 45 mm in diameter, comparable to those of a golf ball.

Source: Maxeon

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