What’s with the unusually high benches in Copenhagen?

Benches raised by 33 inches (85 cm), to symbolize what the consequences of rising sea levels will be on Copenhagen, a city that is particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon

Stretched along the pathways of Copenhagen stand benches elevated 33 inches (85 cm) above the standard, emerging as a palpable symbol of the escalating threat posed by rising sea levels—a phenomenon increasingly evident due to climate change.

The initiative, named “The Copenhagen Bench – 2100 Edition,” is spearheaded by the Danish television network TV2 Channel. Each bench is adorned with a copper plaque bearing a caution about the consequences of flooding, which reads:

“Flooding will become part of our daily lives unless we start doing something for the climate.”

This project has inevitably caught the eye of many pedestrians and more. The decision to install these benches here is no coincidence. Denmark, with its flat topography and extensive coastal areas, is particularly susceptible to sea level rise. Copenhagen, in particular, finds itself just a few meters above sea level, making it exceedingly vulnerable to the immediate effects of rising waters.

Reflecting on climate change

Through this initiative, TV2 Channel aims to raise public awareness about the climate challenges our world is facing. The taller-than-usual benches serve as a visual reminder of the potential flooded future that coastal cities could face if concrete actions are not taken to combat climate change.

After all, the UN has forecasted that sea levels could rise up to one meter by 2100 if significant measures are not taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. These predictions highlight the urgency to act swiftly and decisively to tackle the global climate crisis.

Kasper Adsboll, senior brand manager at TV2, the television channel that launched the project, explained the motivations behind it:

“In much of the country, we will see flooding as a daily event, so we are trying to illustrate this phenomenon with these benches in a way that gets people talking about climate change.”

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