The plight of animals in long-distance transport: a global call to action

No more exports of live animals: long-distance transport must be stopped decisively. The associations are calling for the introduction of a ban, putting pressure on governments around the world with international protest actions

Transported in inhumane conditions, deprived of freedom and any rights, animals are crammed onto trucks and ships, enduring hours and days of agony to reach their final destination at slaughterhouses.

Millions of animals are transported long distances by land and sea each year, moving from country to country, from one continent to another. Of these millions, over four million are transported from European borders alone.

These journeys are termed “death trips” because they mark the end of a painful existence for farmed cattle, sheep, and pigs, representing one final immense suffering. This endless odyssey can last for weeks, especially in the case of livestock exports.

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Global day of action against long-distance animal transport

On the occasion of the International Day of Action against the export and long-distance transport of live animals, celebrated on June 14, several animal welfare organizations have organized a global action calling for a ban on this practice.

This mass action, which includes participation from 10 Italian associations, aims to pressure individual governments and the new European Commission to halt the long-distance export of live animals.

“The world needs to open its eyes and stop treating animals as commodities to be traded across continents without regard for the pain and stress experienced by these sentient beings,” said the organizers.

International measures for animal welfare

Various countries have already taken steps in favor of animal welfare. For instance, New Zealand banned the export of live animals by sea in April 2023. Brazil has prohibited such exports from its ports.

The United Kingdom has also chosen to ban the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter, while Australia is committed to banning the sea transport of sheep for export starting in 2028.

This cruel practice must be stopped. There are no more excuses to delay the implementation of a ban.

Source: CIWF Italia

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