Luxury air travel for dogs: the new trend in pet transportation

Luxury travel designed exclusively for dogs. A company has inaugurated stellar routes and with first-rate services for our four-legged friends. How necessary was all this?

Not just for affluent clients seeking a luxurious experience in business class. Dogs can now travel like true VIPs on airplanes, and at sky-high prices. This new trend has prompted aviation companies to create exclusive services for our four-legged friends, sparking considerable debate.

Bark Air: luxury for pets

Bark Air offers unimaginable comfort for dog owners and their wagging companions. Among the most requested routes are New York, Los Angeles, and London, but the company aims to launch new routes as soon as possible.

Everything is designed with animals in mind, from a gourmet menu to lavender-scented towels. Treats, wipes, waste bags, and music are all part of the package.

Requirements for pet travel

Dogs of all breeds and ages are welcome on board. Required documentation includes a health certificate, microchip, and the animal’s vaccination history, including rabies and tapeworm treatments, essential for entry into the United Kingdom.

For flights to New York, a certificate is also required to confirm that the animal has not been in high-risk countries in the last six months. Each ticket includes a pass for one human companion, though additional passes can be purchased to bring extra people.

Capacity and cost

Each aircraft can accommodate up to 15 dogs plus their owners, but the company limits ticket sales to no more than 10 per route. The cost of these journeys is certainly not for everyone.

For example, a flight from Los Angeles to London in October costs $12,500, as listed on the company’s website.

air ticket Bark Air

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Bark Air’s Target Market

The company targets wealthy families with pets who want to share a lavish and unforgettable adventure with their furry friends. It’s easy to question how much dogs truly appreciate this type of travel.

Despite the absence of cages and lines, and meticulous attention to both two-legged and four-legged customers, the service caters more to human whims than to any real need of man’s best friend.

Taking care of a pet, a responsibility every owner should embrace, does not necessarily mean buying luxury airline tickets and flying back and forth between the USA and the UK. It takes very little to provide your dog with a serene and happy life, without extravagant intercontinental flights.

Source: Bark Air

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