Dolphin performs stunt and beaches on concrete stands: the dark side of water parks

A dolphin stranded on concrete in a Belarusian water park and left in agony for several minutes: the terrible exploitation of cetaceans for absurd "shows"

Horrifying images have emerged from a water park in Belarus, where a dolphin suffered extreme distress during a show. In the midst of the “performance,” the dolphin beached itself on concrete, sparking a desperate attempt to return to the water.

Sadly, the audience’s reaction was one of general indifference. Despite the seriousness of the situation, it took several minutes before staff intervened to return the animal to the water, after which the show continued as if nothing had happened.

This incident once again highlights the appalling conditions and exploitation many dolphins endure in water parks around the world. Dolphins, highly intelligent and social creatures, are often forced to live in artificial and unnatural environments for mere human entertainment.

The tanks in water parks cannot replicate the complexity and vastness of the ocean, severely limiting the space in which these animals can swim and interact. Training for shows often involves coercive methods, and the performances themselves can cause significant stress to dolphins.

Such shows must be banned!

When a dolphin beaches itself on concrete, as happened in Belarus, it is a clear signal of the discomfort and suffering these animals can experience. The slow response of the staff and the resumption of the show without any consideration for the animal’s well-being are further evidence of a lack of empathy and respect towards these living beings.

Numerous studies have shown that dolphins in captivity suffer from physical and psychological issues, including ulcers, stereotypical behaviors, and depression. Moreover, the capture of wild dolphins to supply water parks is a cruel practice that destroys the social structures of dolphin groups and has a devastating impact on wild populations.

It is time to recognize that water parks using dolphins and other marine mammals for shows are institutions of the past that should be abolished as soon as possible, in line with a growing awareness of animal welfare. The international community should pressure for the closure of these parks and promote marine sanctuaries that offer a more natural environment for rescued animals, where they can live without being forced to perform for human amusement.

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