The Next-Gen 3-in-1 atmospheric water dispenser: clean water from thin air

The revolutionary Next-Gen 3-in-1 Atmospheric Water Dispenser is a device that turns air into drinkable water, with a purification rate of 99.9%

Have you ever considered getting potable water perfectly tailored to your tastes directly from the air? The Next-Gen 3-in-1 Atmospheric Water Dispenser makes this innovative idea a reality. This device not only provides pure water but also improves air quality and enriches the water with minerals. It is a practical and sustainable solution gaining attention on Indiegogo.

A new approach to water filtration

There are various methods to filter tap water, such as filter jugs and ceramic beads, but some still prefer bottled water, even though it might be less pure. The new 3-in-1 atmospheric water dispenser offers an innovative solution, functioning like a dehumidifier that purifies water extracted from the air. This device not only makes water drinkable but also provides an extra level of purification for tap water.

Advanced filtration technology

The device works by extracting moisture from the air through a six-stage filtration system that uses cotton, activated carbon, and other fibers to remove impurities. The water is then treated with UV light to eliminate any remaining microbes, achieving a 99.9% purification rate. Additionally, the device includes a HEPA filter to purify the surrounding air, providing both potable water and clean air.

Fresh and customizable water

In addition to producing potable water, the dispenser offers two more functions. The company plans to market cartridges to enrich the water with various minerals and a system to provide ice-cold water in just two minutes. There may also be flavor options to customize the water, similar to sparkling water machines. The device will be available in two sizes: one with a capacity of 3.7 gallons and another with 5 gallons, with future versions featuring solar panels for autonomous use, ideal for camping.

Successful crowdfunding campaign

Currently, the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has exceeded its initial goal by 2700%. The Next-Gen 3-in-1 Atmospheric Water Dispenser is available for pre-order at a price of $335, with deliveries expected by September 2024.

Source: IndieGoGo

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