Emilia 5: the new frontier of sustainable mobility

Emilia 5, the innovative Italian solar car presented at the Ferrari Museum: a green project financed by the European Union that revolutionizes sustainable mobility

Emilia 5 is the latest advancement in sustainable mobility. This car, powered exclusively by solar energy, was unveiled at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Equipped with cutting-edge photovoltaic panels, the vehicle harnesses solar energy to power two electric motors integrated into the wheels, ensuring unprecedented efficiency. Developed by students and researchers from the Ferrari Institute and the University of Bologna, it is set to compete in the most prestigious solar car races worldwide.

Collaborative innovation

Emilia 5 is the fifth prototype created by Onda Solare, a team comprising students, professors, and researchers from the Ferrari Institute, in collaboration with the University of Bologna and the National Center for Sustainable Mobility (MOST). This vehicle features five square meters (53.8 square feet) of photovoltaic panels that power two electric motors integrated into the wheels, making it completely energy self-sufficient.

Technical features

The Emilia 5 prototype is a four-seater Cruiser-class vehicle with a carbon fiber frame that ensures lightness and strength. Weighing only 1014 pounds (460 kg), it can reach a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h) thanks to its efficient electric motors. The aerodynamic design has been meticulously developed to optimize performance and minimize energy consumption.

Emilia 5 is not just a technological experiment but a true contender in international competitions. The Onda Solare team has already participated in events such as the World Solar Challenge and the South Africa Solar Challenge, achieving impressive results. These competitions test the efficiency and innovation of solar vehicles, challenging them to cover long distances using only solar energy.

European Union support

The Emilia 5 project was made possible thanks to funding from the European Union. This support underscores the EU’s commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and technological innovation. With these funds, Onda Solare has been able to develop a cutting-edge vehicle that represents a significant step towards a greener future.

Source: OndaSolare

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