DIY walkway ideas: simple yet stunning

Bricks, gravel, stone slabs, wood—there are many materials (some reclaimed) that you can use to create a beautiful walkway in your garden.

Whether you already have a walkway that no longer satisfies you or you’re just starting to create one and need inspiration, these DIY ideas will be extremely helpful.

Brick walkway

Bricks are often used to create garden walkways and offer great creative possibilities. You can use your preferred size and arrange them in any pattern you like, such as herringbone or staggered. Bricks are particularly suited for rustic gardens.

Stone slab walkway

Stone slabs can be more or less regular and come in various sizes. Don’t choose them randomly; consider both the size of your garden and its overall style. Purchase or reclaim a good amount and place them either close together or spaced apart.

You can also follow a more irregular pattern to give your garden a more informal appearance.

Gravel walkway

Another idea is to create a walkway with gravel. After defining the edges, spread the gravel over the selected area. This remains a timeless classic!

Wooden walkway

You can also use wood, including reclaimed wood, by repurposing boards from an old pallet in good condition. Decide where to create the walkway and place the wooden planks one after the other, securing them firmly to the ground.

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