Unexpected winner at Gelato Festival World Ranking 2024

Who would have thought that the best ice cream in the world wasn't Italian? Yet, this year's Gelato Festival World Ranking awarded a gold medal to an ice cream maker from Budapest

When we think of artisanal gelato, it’s almost automatic to assume that Italian productions are the best in the world. Italy is indeed home to many excellent gelato masters, but this time, a renowned international competition has awarded a gelato from another country.

The top spot goes to Hungary

The Gelato Festival World Ranking 2024 delivered a surprising twist this year. The gold medal for 2024 was awarded to Adám Fazekas, a talented gelato maker from Budapest, owner of the famous gelateria “Fazekas Cukrászda.”

A prestigious competition

The competition, organized by Gelato Festival World Masters, Carpigiani, and Sigep Italian Exhibition Group, saw the participation of 8,000 gelato makers from 44 different countries. Out of these, only 1,278 achieved a score high enough to enter the competition.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria extended beyond just the quality and taste of the gelato. The panel of experts also considered the overall experience offered by the gelateria, including service and atmosphere. Adám Fazekas excelled in all these aspects, earning him the top spot.

Italy still held its ground, with Giovanna Bonazzi from the gelateria “La Parona del Gelato” in Verona taking second place.

The third place was awarded to Savannah G. Lee from “Savannah’s Gelato Kitchen” in San Francisco.

The Top Ten

Here is the top ten of the Gelato Festival World Ranking 2024:

  1. Adám Fazekas from “Fazekas Cukrászda” in Budapest (Hungary)
  2. Giovanna Bonazzi from “La Parona del Gelato” in Verona (Italy)
  3. Savannah G. Lee from “Savannah’s Gelato Kitchen” in San Francisco (USA)
  4. Massimiliano Scotti from “VeroLatte” in Vigevano (PV)
  5. Maurizio Melani from “Véneta Gelato Italiano” in Valencia (Spain)
  6. Fabio Forghieri from “Gelateria dei Principi” in Correggio (RE)
  7. Leonardo La Porta from “Gelateria Miretti” in Turin
  8. Carlo Guerriero from “La Cremeria Gelato Italiano” in Cadiz (Spain)
  9. Paolo Pomposi from “Gelateria Pasticceria Badiani” in Florence
  10. Tomasz Szypula from “Szypula – 1974 –” in Baboròw (Poland)
  11. Fabrizio Fenu from “I Fenu” in Cagliari
  12. Taseer from “Fabulous Ice Fires” in London (UK)

You can find the complete Gelato Festival World Ranking here.

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