Three men save 38 dogs from drowning in the mississippi river

Bob Gist, a 61-year-old fisherman, his friend Brad Carlisl and Jordan Chrestman, a fishing guide, saved 38 dogs from the Mississippi River that were in danger of drowning in the river. The dogs were chasing a deer, which was also in the water. The heroic rescue is truly almost a miracle

Bob Gist, Brad Carlisle, and Jordan Chrestman were ordinary men until they became heroes two weeks ago by saving 38 dogs from drowning in the Mississippi River. The dogs, chasing a deer, found themselves in dire straits.

A fishing trip turns into a rescue mission

Bob and Brad, longtime friends, headed to Grenada Lake in Mississippi and contacted Jordan Chrestman, a local fishing guide, to take them out on the water. The plan was to spend a relaxing morning fishing.

After several hours of fishing without much success, the group decided to move to a different location. That decision changed their day entirely.

“We moved about half a mile from where we were to another spot and started fishing,” Bob Gist told Fox News. “Soon, we heard some dogs barking and saw them in the water in the distance.”

Chrestman noticed a deer in the water, being pursued by the group of dogs.

“We continued fishing for another 10 or 15 minutes, and Jordan said, ‘Hey guys, if you don’t mind, we really need to check on those dogs because they’re out there in the water.’ We were stunned to see dogs everywhere, swimming in all directions, unable to see the shore on any side,” Gist recounted.


The heroic rescue

Without hesitation, the men began pulling the dogs onto the boat to prevent them from drowning. Chrestman managed to gather 27 dogs, ensuring none of them tried to jump back into the water.

These animals were not strays but expensive hunting dogs whose owners were frantically searching for them. Using GPS devices attached to their collars, the men located another three or four dogs over a mile from shore.

“They were on the verge of drowning, having been afloat for an hour,” Gist explained. “We returned with the last group of dogs and had to drag them out of the boat because they were too scared to get out. They were terrified of the water. It was awful.”

Refusal of reward

The owners offered Chrestman a reward, but he refused to accept it.

“If Brad and I had been out there alone on a boat, we wouldn’t have known anything was wrong,” Gist said. “But that young man, in his twenties—I’m 61, so I call him a kid—he knew something had to be done.”

In the end, 38 dogs were saved.

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