At 17, Gukesh Dommaraju is the new face of global chess competition

Gukesh Dommaraju is 17 years old, a chess champion of India and could become the youngest chess player in the world, rewriting history. This will be decided by the World Chess Championship, where the Indian professional will challenge the current reigning champion

Gukesh Dommaraju, a 17-year-old chess prodigy from Chennai, India, has recently clinched victory at the Candidates Tournament in Toronto, earning a direct ticket to the World Chess Championship. There, he will face reigning champion, Ding Liren of China.

Already, Gukesh stands as the youngest ever challenger in the world tournament, three years junior to the previous record holder, Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, who set the record at age 20. Gukesh may soon set a stunning new record.

A spotlight on youth and talent

The spotlight is firmly on Gukesh, as the young Indian could become the youngest chess player ever to ascend to the highest rank. The details of the upcoming World Chess Championship—its date and location—remain unannounced.

With his remarkable skill, Gukesh Dommaraju, also known as Gukesh D, is elevating India’s stature in the chess world. He is the second chess champion from India following the legendary Viswanathan Anand, who has also congratulated Gukesh D on his latest triumph.

Triumph and dedication

Following his victory at the Candidates Tournament, Gukesh expressed pride and satisfaction in his performance and preparation:

“The way I conducted myself at the event and played is something I am very happy about. I didn’t expect to reach such a mental state. I think I have really improved over the last year and in recent months.”

Gukesh Dommaraju is both a promise and an inspiration for anyone drawn to the discipline of chess. Not initially favored to win in Toronto, he turned the tables and finished first.

Beginning his chess journey at the age of 7, he has come a long way and is poised to go further. His fans hope the young professional will continue to rewrite history with his moves.

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