POSCA launches Street Art school to foster global creativity

A free art school for all with QR codes to access audio masterclasses held by three renowned art history teachers: the idea of POSCA

POSCA, a brand renowned for its 40-year legacy in democratizing art and creativity, has announced the launch of its new initiative, the Street Art School. This free art school is open to everyone and continues POSCA’s commitment to making creativity accessible to a global audience. The brand’s iconic markers have garnered respect from artists worldwide, solidifying its reputation in the art community.

The Street Art School is a testament to POSCA’s dedication to promoting street art as a legitimate and accessible form of artistic expression. This innovative program not only aims to provide learning opportunities for emerging artists but also seeks to inspire those looking to explore their creativity. What sets this initiative apart is its novel approach to content delivery.

In collaboration with the Paris-based agency TBWA, POSCA has invested in nine street art works across France, Belgium, and Switzerland, each featuring a QR code. These QR codes allow viewers to access audio masterclasses taught by three renowned art history teachers, covering topics such as perspective, calligraphy, light, and still life, directly in the field.

For those who prefer a more traditional learning experience, the courses are also available on the dedicated website, streetartschool.fr. This hybrid approach provides flexibility and accessibility, enabling students to engage with the content based on their personal preferences and availability.

POSCA’s invitation to teachers and artists to suggest new topics for the site reflects the brand’s commitment to creating an inclusive and collaborative community of artists and art enthusiasts.

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