Tourists fight over selfie spot at popular Everest site

Punches and kicks on Everest to grab the best place for a selfie: it all started from a verbal disagreement, but the situation degenerated

The panoramic platform 8848 in Tibet, located at the foot of Mount Everest, is a highly popular hiking destination, renowned for its unparalleled view of the world’s tallest mountain. However, this sought-after view recently became the backdrop for an unacceptable incident of violence among tourists.

Scuffle over selfie spot

Two Chinese couples were involved in a brawl to secure the best spot for a selfie on the panoramic platform. Witnesses reported that the altercation began as a verbal disagreement over who would get the prime photo position. The situation quickly escalated from a simple verbal spat into a full-blown physical fight.

A video of the incident, now circulating on social media, shows the two men exchanging punches and grappling on the floor, while one woman tries to separate them and the other joins the fray by kicking one of the men. The scene has caused quite a stir, attracting considerable media attention.

Four individuals taken into custody

The fight was broken up by the swift intervention of the Everest border police, who arrived on the scene to calm the situation and restore order. The four individuals involved were taken into custody by the authorities. It is still unclear if anyone was injured during the altercation.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred after a tour guide had asked the group to pose together for a photo beside the Everest elevation measurement monument. However, the attempt to find an ideal position for the selfie led to the dispute.

Ongoing investigation

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident. The case will be reviewed according to legal procedures, and an update will be provided to the public once the investigation is concluded. This episode highlights the growing obsession with selfies and social media, which can lead to inappropriate behavior even in places of significant cultural and natural importance, showing a lack of respect for these areas.

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