Patagonia’s frozen waves stun the world

This is undoubtedly the period in which the lowest temperatures are recorded in Patagonia, but an unusual phenomenon has occurred in recent days in Tierra del Fuego, providing surprising images

Extraordinary ice waves in Patagonia

Stunning images from Patagonia have captured the attention of the world, showing the sea frozen solid in the San Sebastián area, north of Río Grande in Argentina. The extremely low temperatures in the region have led to the creation of these incredible ice waves.

Shock and awe: the impact on locals and tourists

The breathtaking sight of waves turned to ice has shocked both locals and tourists alike. These images quickly went viral on social media, captivating audiences worldwide.

One of the coldest places on Earth

This week, the Argentine Patagonia is experiencing an extreme cold wave, making it potentially one of the coldest places on Earth, second only to Antarctica.

A historic snowstorm hits southern Argentina

Last weekend, southern Argentina was hit by one of the most intense snowstorms in recent memory. The storm stranded hundreds of tourists and severely impacted several mountain towns.

Just as conditions seemed to be improving, a new cold front arrived, extending snowfall in the Andean regions.

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