The list of 20 unmissable restaurants worldwide

Food & Wine, a renowned gastronomic magazine, has unveiled its curated list of the top 20 must-visit restaurants globally, known as the Global Tastemakers Awards. This selection, spanning from Lima, Peru to Tokyo, Japan, showcases the diverse and exceptional culinary offerings worldwide.

Food & Wine, the internationally renowned gastronomic magazine, has released its list of the 20 must-visit restaurants around the globe.

How restaurants were selected

The complete list of the second edition of the Global Tastemakers Awards comprises restaurants from all corners of the world, from Peru to Japan, reflecting the diversity and excellence of the global culinary scene.

Each selected establishment stands out for its authenticity, impeccable hospitality, and attention to detail, offering guests an unforgettable culinary experience focusing on local ingredients and sustainability.

To compile the list, 180 gastronomic and travel journalists were consulted, asking them to highlight their choices for experiences to recommend to readers as “unmissable,” spanning various categories from hotels to bars to restaurants. These choices were then scrutinized by a panel of experts who finalized the list of 20 names.

The List of 20 Unmissable Restaurants Worldwide

  • Merito (Lima, Peru)
  • Petermen (Sydney, Australia)
  • SodaBottleOpenerWala (Bombay, India)
  • Cucina Villana (Ruvo di Puglia, Italy)
  • Soil (Athens, Greece)
  • Celele (Cartagena, Colombia)
  • La Cocina de Humo (Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Indigo (Arequipa, Peru)
  • Cultiva (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Emazulwini Restaurant (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • L’Evo (Toyama, Japan)
  • Teté Cocina de Barrio (Guadalajara, Mexico)
  • Wana Yook (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Beba (Montreal, Canada)
  • Dos Pebrots (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Sait (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • I Masanielli (Caserta, Italy)
  • Kotaro Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)
  • BiBi (London, England)
  • Note (Dublin, Ireland)

Source: Food and wine

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