Paris Olympics: no French fries or foie gras in the village

Athletes competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics will not be served French fries, foie gras or beef, for reasons that are not so much health-related as sustainability and safety-related

As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, the city is gearing up to host the world’s biggest sporting event. However, it’s an unusual culinary decision that’s making headlines globally.

Paris will welcome over 15,000 athletes from around the world. The Olympic Village, set in a former power plant stretching over 656 feet, will transform into the world’s largest restaurant for the duration of the competitions.

Led by chefs Stéphane Chicheri and Charles Guilloy, the meals provided will not only offer essential nutritional support for the athletes but also deliver a culinary experience celebrating diversity with a focus on environmental and animal welfare.

Bold culinary choices

So, what unusual decisions have been made? Athletes will find no French fries at the Paris Olympics. Yes, you read that correctly. Additionally, there will be no foie gras (finally!) and no beef. Instead, the menu will feature a variety of plant-based foods, excluding avocados due to their environmental impact.

The decision to eliminate French fries is not only for health reasons (they’re not exactly ideal for athletes) but also for safety concerns. Removing deep fryers helps mitigate potential fire risks. The exclusion of foie gras is a clear choice in favor of animal welfare.

A diverse and eco-friendly menu

The chefs have announced that their kitchen will welcome vegetarian hot dogs, quinoa muesli, and a variety of multicultural dishes such as vegetarian shawarma, beetroot falafel, and grilled eggplant with smoked paprika. This sensory feast reflects the evolving tastes and needs of a society increasingly focused on health and environmental consciousness.

The commitment to sustainability will be evident in other aspects as well: reusable cutlery and plates, and a reduced carbon footprint. The Paris Olympic Village aims to demonstrate that high-level athletic performance can go hand in hand with environmentally friendly cuisine.

Celebrating French Cuisine

French food will, of course, be well-represented. The event is also an opportunity to showcase this world-renowned cuisine in a new light. The Olympic Village will be the perfect stage to celebrate the rich local culinary tradition, offering a variety of traditional dishes reinterpreted in contemporary and multicultural ways, including classics like baguettes and a wide range of cheeses.

Source: New York Times

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