Lloyd Martin: breaking barriers at the London Marathon

Lloyd Martin, with intense preparation together with his mother lasting 5 months, made his dream come true: he obtained the Guinness World Records as the youngest person in his intellectual disability category to complete a marathon

Lloyd Martin, a teenage boy with Down syndrome, has recently made history as the youngest person in his intellectual disability category to complete a marathon. At just 19 years old, Lloyd crossed the finish line of the London Marathon, guided by his mother, and his remarkable achievement has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records.

His mother, Ceri Hooper, shared the joy of her son realizing his dream, emphasizing that “anything is possible with commitment and determination.” Lloyd, a very athletic youngster who participates in gymnastics and soccer with the British Special Olympics, has shown exceptional resilience and willpower in pursuing his goal.

Thanks to his perseverance, Lloyd has been awarded the title of the youngest person to complete a marathon in the intellectual disabilities category, marking a significant milestone for himself and for people with Down syndrome.

Training with support from mom

Lloyd’s preparation for the marathon involved intense physical and mental training, supported by his family and Special Olympics GB. Despite challenges and difficulties along the way, Lloyd remained determined to reach the finish line, proving that with effort and support, any obstacle can be overcome.

His mother, Ceri, played a crucial role in his success. She is an experienced marathon runner (having represented Wales in cross country and track from a young age, and having completed the London Marathon four times, as well as those in Boston and Chicago) and a dedicated coach.

With her guidance, Lloyd was able to prepare adequately for the London Marathon in just five months. Although the young man had participated in more than 30 Parkruns, up until Christmas, the longest distance he had covered was only a weekly timed 5 km run. Therefore, Ceri created a tailored training plan with one extended run per week.

For Lloyd, the focus was not on time, but on enjoying the experience with his family. If difficulties arose, he would take a few minutes break before starting again, stronger than before. The most important thing was to pursue his dream and make it a reality by overcoming any challenge.

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