An unusual event at Glastonbury Festival: Banksy’s inflatable boat draws attention

A dinghy with mannequins is Banksy's latest work to raise awareness on the issue of migrants, surprisingly presented at the Glastonbury festival

During the Idles’ concert at the Glastonbury Festival on Friday night, an unusual event caught the attention of the audience and the media. An inflatable boat with mannequins, similar to those used by migrants to cross the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel, was seen passing through the crowd.

Clarification on the inflatable boat

Initially, it was thought to be a stunt organized by the Bristol-based post-punk band, known for their strong stance on human rights and opposition to right-wing policies. However, on Sunday, a spokesperson for the Idles clarified that the inflatable boat was actually a work by street artist Banksy. The band was unaware of the boat’s presence until after their performance.

The boat was carried over the heads of the audience, moving from one side to the other in a manner akin to “crowd surfing,” where a person is lifted and moved over the crowd during a concert. This symbolic passage occurred as the Idles began playing “Danny Nedelko,” a song dedicated to an immigrant in England that calls for empathy and respect towards immigrants.

Migration: a central theme of the Festival

Banksy himself confirmed his involvement, adding another layer of meaning to the Idles’ performance. Known for his works of social and political commentary, Banksy used the inflatable boat as a powerful symbol of the migrant crisis and the hardships they face in their journey towards a better life. The gesture highlighted the urgency for collective action to address this issue.

Glastonbury as a platform for human rights

Glastonbury, one of the UK’s most significant music events, thus became a stage not only for music but also for a powerful human rights statement. Migration was a central theme of this year’s festival, with a new area dedicated to the topic.

Banksy’s previous involvement at Glastonbury

This is not the first time Banksy has made his presence felt at the festival. He designed the stab-proof vest featuring the Union Jack worn by Stormzy during his headlining set on the Pyramid Stage in 2019. In 2014, he commandeered a livestock transport van that roamed the site with stuffed animals protruding from it.

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