Changing dietary trends: the rise in vegetable and plant-based food consumption

Consumers are increasingly demanding plant-based meat-free alternatives: a Tesco report highlights increases in sales of these products

Tesco has unveiled the “phase two of the plant revolution” in response to a surge in demand for meat-free ingredients. The supermarket has witnessed a resurgence of interest in plant-based products, with sales of meat alternatives and plant-based dishes on the rise.

The retailer highlighted a significant increase in sales of fish substitutes (by 100%), tofu, tempeh, plant-based steaks (by 20%), and meat-free burgers (by 10%). Moreover, the launch of Juicy Marbles’ vegan steak has been an unprecedented success, with 100,000 steaks sold.

According to Cate May, Tesco’s buyer for plant-based foods, customers are becoming more aware of the versatility of plant ingredients and are crafting a wide array of dishes, including tofu stir-fries, meatless curries, and vegetable steaks. This indicates a broader adoption of a flexible lifestyle, with flexitarians aiming to reduce meat consumption and increase their intake of plant-based foods.

How Vegetable Consumption is Changing

Tesco’s report also uncovered a growing awareness of the health benefits of a diet richer in vegetables and plant-based foods. Many consumers are incorporating more vegetables into their meals to cut down on saturated fats, boost protein intake, and reduce the environmental impact of their diet.

Additionally, the report has pointed out a shift in the eating habits of the British population, with an increase in vegetable consumption and a greater variety in meals. Many are serving more vegetables with main meals and striving to include three or more types of vegetables in every meal.

This trend signifies a significant shift in dietary habits, with an increasing number of people looking to decrease meat consumption and enhance their intake of plant-based foods for health reasons and environmental sustainability.

Specifically, nearly half of the population is consuming more vegetables today compared to five years ago. 47% have introduced more vegetables into their meals, with 82% doing so in an effort to be healthier. 22% are buying more vegetables to save on groceries, and 25% to reduce their impact on the planet.

Nearly half (48%) say that their roast dinner now features more vegetables, and 60% report serving three or more different types of vegetables with Sunday roast or an equivalent family meal. For all these reasons, Tesco has decided to meet the growing demand for meat-free ingredients by announcing the “phase two of the plant revolution.”

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