The planet is becoming increasingly uninhabitable

The greatest threat to humanity and the planet? It is humanity itself, which is destroying itself. The UN is raising yet another alarm after we have had 12 consecutive months of record heat

Our planet is growing increasingly hot and inhospitable for life. In countries like India, people are literally dying due to extreme heatwaves. The European monitoring service Copernicus has confirmed a new worrying record. Last month was the hottest May on record and the twelfth consecutive month to break records. The global average temperature during this period was 2.93°F higher than the pre-industrial era.

“We are the meteorite, not the dinosaurs”

“In the case of the climate, we are not the dinosaurs. We are the meteorite. We are not just in danger: we are the danger,” stated António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, during an address at the Natural History Museum in New York on World Environment Day. “But we are also the solution.”

Nearing the Paris agreement threshold

We are edging closer to surpassing the 2.7°F target set by the Paris Agreement. According to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, there is an 80% chance that this will happen within the next five years.

“Playing Russian roulette with Our planet”

“We are playing Russian roulette with our planet,” added Guterres. “We need an exit ramp off the highway to climate hell.”

The power to change course

However, we can still change course: the steering wheel is in our hands. The outcome will depend on the decisions made by political leaders in the coming years. The first step is to abandon fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy, but surpassing the intensive farming system is also a priority. Salvation is within reach.

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