Taylor Swift’s jet usage highlights environmental concerns

The pop star would have traveled approximately 286,000 kilometers on his private jet, used not only for the Eras Tour, but also for personal reasons

Taylor Swift has set a new, albeit concerning, record. In 2023, she reportedly traveled approximately 177,000 miles (286,000 kilometers) on her private jets. This distance is equivalent to circling the globe seven times, resulting in substantial environmental damage.

The Eras Tour and beyond

This extensive travel was largely due to her worldwide Eras Tour, which kicked off on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, and will conclude on December 8 in Vancouver, Canada. The tour includes 152 stops across Asia, Australia, South America, and Europe.

However, the pop star’s flights were not limited to concert-related travel. Swift also used her jets for personal reasons, such as flying from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play in the Super Bowl, or traveling from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania for weekends with her boyfriend and nephews. These details were revealed by Florida student and activist Jack Sweeney, who is known for tracking celebrity flights. Sweeney documented these travels despite facing legal pressures to cease his activities.

Environmental impact of Swift’s flights

Sweeney’s flight map of Swift’s travels, once available on his official channels, resembled a chaotic drawing of fuchsia lines, akin to a child’s depiction of a flying saucer. This image has since disappeared from official sources but can still be found online.

Estimated carbon emissions

Swift’s extensive use of private jets has inevitably resulted in a significant environmental impact. According to Sweeney, her flights produced an estimated 1,322 US tons (1,200 metric tons) of carbon dioxide.

Not alone in Jet usage

Unfortunately, Swift is not alone in her excessive use of private jets. Other artists and celebrities, such as Travis Scott, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Elon Musk, frequently use private jets without regard for the environmental consequences.

Activist response

Recently, Taylor Swift was targeted by activists from Just Stop Oil. They attempted to deface her private jet at London’s Stansted Airport during her concert series. However, they failed to locate her jet and instead painted two other jets with orange paint using fire extinguishers.

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