Excellence in the fight against pollution

These cities represent a model of excellence in the fight against air pollution, demonstrating that it is possible to create healthy and sustainable urban environments

However, in Europe, there are cities that excel in combating pollution, boasting clean and pollutant-free air. The top three cities with the cleanest air in the world are all in Finland, a nation renowned for its commitment to environmental issues.

Australia performs well too, with four cities in the top ten.

Kuusamo: the cleanest air on Earth

The city of Kuusamo stands out as the place with the cleanest air in the world. In this city, pollutants are virtually non-existent, providing a healthy and natural environment for its residents. Kuusamo is followed by Utsjoki, also in Finland, in second place, and Sodankylä, rounding out the top three cities with the cleanest air.

Finland’s environmental triumph

This Finnish success underscores the effectiveness of the country’s environmental policies, extending throughout the entire Scandinavian Peninsula and the northern part of Europe. Finland has demonstrated that it is possible to combine economic development with environmental sustainability, creating cities with exceptional air quality.

Factors behind clean air

These cities benefit from a mix of favorable factors, including low population density, extensive green areas, and strict emission policies. The Finnish example should inspire other countries to intensify their efforts to improve air quality. Reducing air pollution not only protects citizens’ health but also helps combat climate change and preserve the environment for future generations.

Australia and the United States Also Shine

Australia also fares well, placing four cities in the top ten (Underwood, Broken Hill, Judbury, and Emu River). Surprisingly, the United States, despite its high concentration of industries, sees Wilson and Oroville East ranking seventh and eighth, respectively.

The Top 10 Cities with the Cleanest Air in the World

  1. Kuusamo, Finland
  2. Utsjoki, Finland
  3. Sodankylä, Finland
  4. Chu, Kazakhstan
  5. Underwood, Australia
  6. Broken Hill, Australia
  7. Wilson, United States
  8. Oroville East, United States
  9. Judbury, Australia
  10. Emu River, Australia

Source: IQAir

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