Beagle Freedom Project transforms Oklahoma animal testing facility into sanctuary

Extraordinary result of Beagle Freedom Project. The association took over a research laboratory and all its former guinea pigs. It will become a sanctuary and a recovery center, where no animal will ever have to experience suffering again

The Beagle Freedom Project, a notable American organization dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for animals used in research, has made a significant impact by completely transforming an animal testing facility in Oklahoma.

From a laboratory breeding subjects for painful experiments to an animal sanctuary, this facility has shifted from exploitation and suffering to freedom for over 200 beagles and cats. This change has effectively ended the lab’s operations forever.

From research lab to rescue efforts

The transformation began a few years ago when Shannon Keith, a lawyer who founded the Beagle Freedom Project, received a response from a researcher in Oklahoma. This researcher had been using dogs and cats to test toxic substances for treating flea and tick infestations in pets.

At the end of these tests, the animals were usually euthanized. However, over time, plagued by doubts and guilt, the researcher decided to keep as many animals alive as possible. Many of the beagles were kept outdoors in minimal shelter conditions, while others, along with the cats, were housed in cold indoor cages. Footage captured by the association reveals the extent of fear and resignation these animals endured.

A New Beginning for the Animals

Despite their harsh past filled with cruelty, these dogs and cats yearned for love. Thanks to an agreement signed between the Beagle Freedom Project and the researcher, the entire facility, along with all the animals, was taken over by the organization’s staff.

Volunteers removed the dogs and cats from the laboratory, placing them temporarily in shelters and with individuals eager to welcome them. All the cages were emptied, and 8 of the 180 rescued beagles have already found adoptive families.

The remaining animals await their forever homes in a nurturing environment, surrounded by warmth, affection, and good food. Meanwhile, renovation work continues at the old laboratory, soon to be known as Freedom Fields or “fields of freedom.”

A call to action

Numerous projects are planned for the new sanctuary, and the association has called for the support of all its followers. There is a need for donations, adoptions, and volunteers to help rehabilitate the former lab animals.

The determination to achieve these goals is strong, and progress is swift. Beagle Freedom Project has embraced this challenge, making the impossible possible. The next step is to inaugurate the sanctuary and continue rescuing dogs, cats, and other animals. The opening of Freedom Fields is fast approaching.

Source: Beagle Freedom Project/Facebook

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