In a legal first, spanish court decides pets deserve support post-divorce

Unprecedented divorce in Spain, where a court has established a monthly contribution for the adequate maintenance of the dog. He too is part of the family

In an unprecedented move, the Pontevedra court in Spain has set a new precedent regarding the treatment of pets in divorce proceedings. This decision, confirming a ruling made last year by the Vigo court, involves a couple who have decided to part ways. As they dissolve their marriage, not only will they need to consider the well-being of their children, but also that of their family dog.

Divorce and the family pet

The court resolved that, in addition to child support, the former husband is required to contribute financially to the care of the family pet. He will do so by providing his ex-wife with a monthly allowance of 40 euros (44 USD)  within the first five days of each month. This amount is based on an estimation of the costs associated with the dog’s feeding and other daily care needs.

The custody of the animal has been awarded to the ex-wife, while veterinary and extraordinary expenses are to be equally shared, according to reports from Spanish sources.

A groundbreaking decision

Pilar Caro, the attorney who managed the case, emphasized the significance of this ruling.

“With the animal welfare law, pets are no longer seen as objects but are recognized as sentient beings that are part of the family,” Caro stated.

This judgment is considered groundbreaking as it acknowledges a domestic animal as a family member. It asserts that in the event of a divorce, it is only fair to ensure the maintenance of any dogs, cats, or other pets. This approach, according to Caro, should be standard practice everywhere.

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