If not for Thor, brazilian family might have perished in nighttime fire

If it were not for his timely intervention, this family would probably have died in the fire that broke out during the night

In a harrowing overnight ordeal, a Brazilian family owes their lives to their dog, Thor, who alerted them to a fire that had broken out in their home while they were asleep.

The family was deep in slumber when Thor began to bark insistently, awakening Cecília Aparecida. Sensing something amiss, Cecília decided to investigate the disturbance.

Upon discovering the flames, she quickly roused her mother and husband, and they hurriedly evacuated the house. Despite the prompt response of the firefighters, the home was completely consumed by the blaze, which is suspected to have been caused by an electrical short circuit.

A twist of fate for Thor

Thor had been initially adopted as a puppy but was later given away to a neighbor who wanted him for his daughter.

After some time, Thor was abandoned, only to return to his original family about a year later. Recognizing him, the family warmly welcomed him back into their home.

Having saved their lives, Thor mysteriously disappeared again, but this time, Cecilia and her uncle spared no effort to find him, enlisting the help of local residents. Thanks to a neighbor who spotted him, they were able to reunite with Thor, gratefully acknowledging his crucial role in their survival.

Source: G1

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