Hilarious escape: camel runs free in Germany

In the past few hours a camel ran away from a circus and started wandering around the streets of Stuttgart followed by police officers

Once again, the streets of Stuttgart were turned into a scene straight out of a slapstick comedy, this time featuring a camel that decided to make a run for it. Bystanders were left in astonishment as the camel, later identified as Suleika, trotted through the city, pursued by exheausted police officers who were tasked with retrieving the wayward animal.

A brief Escape during a power outage

The camel’s adventure began when it escaped from the Atlanta Circus following a power outage caused by a short circuit. Suleika quickly became a spectacle of concern and dismay as it wandered from the Vaihingen district to Stuttgart-Kaltental.

The chase ends

Ultimately, a zookeeper from the circus managed to capture the camel and bring it back to safety. Social media videos captured Suleika galloping down the streets in the rain, followed by police officers. One user quipped, “Just another normal day in Stuttgart”.

A too-frequent tale of escape

Unfortunately, stories of circus animals rebelling and escaping are all too common, sometimes even ending tragically as the animals pay the ultimate price for their desire for freedom.

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