Camel escapes circus in Stuttgart, captivates social media

In the last few hours a camel escaped from a circus and started wandering around the streets of Stuttgart followed by police officers

Stuttgart, Germany – New amusing scenes have unfolded on the streets of Stuttgart, courtesy of a circus in town. This time, a camel named Suleika made a break for it, trotting through the city’s streets to the astonishment of passersby and the exasperation of police officers who found themselves in a peculiar chase.

Suleika, a camel from Circus Atlanta, seized the opportunity to escape following a power outage caused by a short circuit. She began her unexpected adventure, quickly sparking concern and bewilderment among the locals.

The camel wandered through the Vaihingen district before making her way to Stuttgart-Kaltental. It was there that a circus zookeeper finally managed to capture Suleika and bring her back safely.

Videos posted on social media show the camel running down the street in the rain, with police officers in hot pursuit. “Just another normal day in Stuttgart,” one user joked.

Unfortunately, stories of animals rebelling against circus life and escaping are all too common. Often, these animals pay the ultimate price for their quest for freedom.

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