A touching story of rehabilitation: the veterinarian as a toucan mom

A veterinarian takes care of a very young orphaned toucan and feeds him through her beak just like a mother. That's what hers would have done, if only she were still alive. With her skills and her boundless passion, the doctor has changed the lives of thousands of animals

The tale of a veterinarian disguised as a fox mom to assist an orphaned fox cub has already touched our hearts, shedding tears of joy. However, equally moving images and stories are emerging from Brazil as well.

In Barretos, in the state of São Paulo, the remarkable Dr. Maria Angela Panelli dedicates herself to the rehabilitation of both wild and domestic animals. In one of the latest videos shared on social media, the veterinarian dons the role of a toucan mother, feeding a young toucan with the aid of a beak.

This beak belonged to a deceased toucan, and Dr. Panelli thought to repurpose it to help this little orphan in turn. Inside it, she placed a probe connected to a syringe, ingeniously facilitating the feeding process.

The Toco Toucan, scientifically known as Ramphastos toco, is distributed across various regions of South America. It usually lives in small groups, and during the day, it forages for food, flying from one tree top to another.

This species is omnivorous, feeding its young insects before gradually introducing fruits and other foods. However, in the absence of a mother and father, Maria Angela Panelli steps in.

Dr. Panelli is a local institution, a hero in a lab coat. Throughout her career, she has saved thousands of animals from certain death, refusing to practice euthanasia and working on prosthetics to give these animals a chance for hope.

“I feel immense satisfaction in being able to give an animal the chance for a good life. I start from the premise that life matters for every being. So, if my life is important to me, it is important for every being because every being wants to live. Before being a veterinarian, I love animals. Then I become a veterinarian,” Panelli shared.

In addition to treating pets and wildlife, veterinarian Maria Angela Panelli is dedicated to the sterilization of stray dogs and cats. Her commitment is commendable.

Source: maria_angela_veterinaria2/Instagram

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